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    Luxury Tax

Effective September 1, 2022, the Department of Finance has implemented a luxury tax on subject vehicles above $100,000. The luxury tax is included in Bill C-19, Budget Implementation Act, No. 1.

Subsection 2 (1), Subject Vehicle means:

New vehicles

It is designed and adapted primarily to carry individuals on highways and streets

Seating capacity of no more than 10

Gross vehicle weight less than 3,856 Kg or less

Manufacture date after 2018

Designed to travel with four or more wheels on the ground

Q & A with Sherwood Motorcars 

When will the luxury tax take affect? September 1, 2022.

What vehicles apply at Sherwood Motorcars luxury tax? Sherwood Motorcars is primarily a used car dealership, only vehicles that have never been registered in Canada and are above price threshold will apply the luxury tax.

How much is the luxury tax? The lesser of: taxable amount multiplied by 10% or the amount that results from subtracting $100,000 from the taxable amount and multiplying the difference by 20%.

Example– A subject vehicle is sold for $150,000: The taxable amount is $150,000. The luxury tax will be the lesser of:

A) $15,00 ($150,000 x 10%)

B) $10,000 [($150,000 – $100,000) x 20%]

The luxury tax payable is $10,000.

What if I purchased a subject vehicle at Sherwood Motorcars before September 1, 2022? The luxury tax will not be applied.

Who pays the luxury tax? The luxury tax is to be paid by the buyer, once the sale is complete.

If I am from outside of Canada, do I still pay the luxury tax? No, you will not be required to pay the luxury tax.

How do you report/ file returns for the luxury tax? You are required to fill out Form B501, Luxury Tax and Information Return for Non-Registrants for each reporting period.

For more information on the luxury tax, please call your sales consultant at Sherwood Motorcars today!

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In a brief overview; the luxury tax will be applied on sales and importations of a subject vehicle priced or valued above $100,000. The luxury tax can also be applied if a person registers, leases out or have an improvement made to a subject vehicle of at least $5,000.

Subsection 8 (1), an improvement means:

-Tangible personal property that is installed in/on or affixed to the subject vehicle

-A service that modifies the subject vehicle and is physically performed on the subject vehicle


The luxury tax is calculated using the taxable amount of the subject vehicle, in accordance with section 34.

Subject vehicles are calculated as the lesser of: 

A) The taxable amount multiplied by 10%

B) The amount that results from subtracting $100,000 from the taxable amount and multiplying the difference by 20%.

Taxable Amount

Subsection 18 (4), taxable amount of the sale of a subject vehicle is the sum of the following:

The value of the consideration for the sale of the subject vehicle

The value of the consideration for any improvements made by the vendor to the subject vehicle in connection the sale that is not included in the above

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Used vehicles that have been registered within Canada



Motor vehicle marked for policing activities

Motor vehicle marked for and equipped for emergency medical or fire response activities

Motor vehicle registered before September 2022, provided that possession was also transferred to the user of the vehicle before this date

A recreational vehicle designed or adapted to provide temporary residential accommodations and equipped with at least four of the following:

-Cooking facilities

-Refrigerator or ice box

-Self contained toilet

-Heating or air conditioning system that can function independently of the vehicle engine

-A potable water supply system that includes a sink and faucet

-A 110-V to 125-V electric power supply, or a liquified petroleum gas supply, that can function independently of a vehicle engine

Excluded Improvements

Any repair, cleaning or maintenance service

Replacing tangible personal property that is damaged, defective or non- functioning

Improvements relating to child safety seating or restraint systems

Improvements relating to trailer or camper

Any Improvement that equips or adapts for its use in transporting an individual using a wheelchair

Any improvement that equips or adapts the subject vehicle with an auxiliary driving control for an individual with a disability


Information is directly from the Canada Revenue Agency website. Information is subject to change based on regulation and policies. 

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